Monday, June 6, 2016

Check Out My Guest Blog Post on the SpeedTrader Blog!

I want to thank the guys at SpeedTrader for inviting me to author a guest blog post on their website. It's my take on the idea that is frequently talked about by many traders: why 90% of traders fail and what I do to ensure that I'm in the 10% that succeed.

Check it out below!


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  3. Hey Madaz,

    I was curious if you have a guide for beginners who are looking to get into trading and identify with your style of trading (scalping)? I enjoy your videos, but I am still a little lost on where to start. As of now, I am still reading some books to familiarize myself with trading and I eventually want to practice with paper trading to see if I am "good".

    What broker/trading platform do you recommend for beginners? I was looking at TDAmeritrade/ThinkorSwim, based on what you use in your videos, but I am not sure if that is good for someone starting out. Any other programs a beginner should have?

    What is the minimum recommended starting account balance for a beginner "scalper" ? I was thinking $500-1000 (because that's all the free money I have), but I am not sure if that would make it difficult in the current market.

    Do recommend any other sources or guides for beginners?

    Thanks for all your help, keep up the good work

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  5. Madaz I am one of your biggest fans , love your posts and videos

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